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Our Rates

We normally charge by the hour, but can also charge a flat rate by the job and our special by the day for small bundle task's "Example of Small Bundle Task" simple things such as replacing light switches and outlets. Replacing a broken garbage disposal , repairing a leaky faucet, replacing a thermostat, hanging a picture. As a rule of thumb, if it requires simple hand tools and takes no more than 1 to 2 hours per task.

Handyman Services

Hour Rate

$ 50 00 /Hour
  • Hang pictures and mirriors
  • Reparing leaky faucet
  • Assembling flat pack furniture
  • and more.....

Flat Rate

$ 65-499 00 /Job

Some task are best charged at a flat rate. These are usually larger more complex jobs such as hanging chandeliers, mounting wall TVs, installing a toilet, cabinets or a ceiling fan. send us a request and we will let you know what is more cost effective.

Small bundle task


$ 275 00 /bundle

For example, if your bathroom sink is leaking but you also wanted to replace the door bell, and hang a few pictures as well, we are able to get all the tasks done at once for less than what you would pay for two separate visits.

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